Wine Tasting
Our Enomatic wine tasting is a unique and fun experience that anyone can enjoy.

How it Works

Our unique wine tasting system allows you to sample over 30 wines by the glass using our Enomatic machines

Using this Enomatic card you can help yourself to wine
Insert card with the chip facing down and you will see your remaining credit on your card, a short description of each wine and the cost of each measure of wine
Now you have the choice of a tasting measure, a half glass or a full glass, to choose simply place your finger over your desired choice and press and hold
Last thing to do is enjoy! You can sample up to 30 wines by the glass and top up your card by any amount at anytime. It really is a unique experience that you must try!
Corporate Events
Private dining & events Private dining & events An expertly trained team are on hand to guide and make suggestions based on what your guests have ordered to eat or even based on just what mood they are in. There is also a dedicated sommelier service should your party require it.
Meeting Room Meeting Room We have a boardroom that seats 14 people fully equipped with a projector and wifi and can be set up for both a casual or more formal dining experience
Wine Tasting Group Wine Tasting Group Our unique wine tasting system allows you to sample over 30 wines by the glass using our Enomatic machines
Corporate Gifts Corporate Gifts Plenty of corporate gifts available from hampers to a nice presently bottle of wine. We can cater to your every need just let us know what you would like and we will look after your every need
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Our Clients Love Us
odoyle584 OCT 7TH 2016

Like an earlier reviewer, the front desk of the nearby Spencer Hotel recommended QTR.East, even though it had only opened a few weeks earlier. I can't say enough about the service, the food and the wine [...]

unaontour OCT 6TH 2016

This is exactly the kind of restaurant north Dublin city centre really needs. Fantastic food, freshly cooked, and a wide ranging and charming wine collection. The Sommelier is amazing and knows his stuff and explains the wines in a sensible and non convoluted way. [...]

jeanne d OCT 6TH 2016

this restaurant was recommended by reception at spencer hotel which is close by-and was a great recommendation! thoroughly enjoyed the wine tasting experience here-was interesting to be able to sample several different wines that were available! the food was delicious and served beautifully! [...]

Amanda K SEPT 22TH 2016

Stopped by for a light dinner on a Friday evening and thoroughly enjoyed our experience. The wine sample station makes for a fun and interactive meal, and the appetizers we ordered were delicious - if I lived in Dublin, this would be my local hangout!